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Wedding Film – Eloping in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Elopement Wedding Film Montana

The Highlight Film: THREE THOUGHTS #1) SPOKEN AUDIO IS CRUCIAL “I was so scared about being mic’d up, but it turned out absolutely beautiful. I just ~can’t~ with how much I love this video.” – Bride from the film It’s super common for couples to be hesitant about having their voices as a prominent part […]


Glacier National Park Engagement Video

Glacier National Park Engagement Video

Holy Nostalgia! Even though this clip is short, it sure does a great job of hitting ya in the feels! For me, the clip almost seems like a memory, a hit of nostalgia. But why? Understanding why a video makes the viewer feel a certain way isn’t something the average person considers, but as a […]


Missoula, Montana Engagement Video

Missoula Montana Engagement Video

Let’s Get Married So. Much. Fun. The scenery was off the charts. Golden hour lighting…perfect. And most importantly, this amazing couple was able to open up in a way that allowed their true colors to shine through. Audio Is King As I wrote in my previous blog, spoken audio is crucial for a striking wedding […]


Spoken Audio Is Key For A Striking Wedding Film

Wedding Speech Montana Wedding Film

CheersMT asked me to contribute to their blog. Read it here: Preparing For The Wedding Day With Cheers MT Vendors! The question posed to vendors: “How can couples prepare for their big day?” My response: As a videographer, my goal is to capture authentic emotion and weave it into a film that not only tells […]



Montana Wedding Videography

“WE BLOG TO APPEASE THE GODS” When the topic comes up among wedding photo/video people, especially highly successful ones, someone inevitably looks deep into my eyes and speaks with a tone that makes me feel like I’m a teenager listening to my parents: “You NEED to blog.”  “Umm, no one reads blogs. Especially people in […]